Authorities Focused on Super Bowl Prostitution in Dallas

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2011 | Prostitution, Sex Crimes

As some of the anticipated 100,000-plus visitors flood the Dallas-Fort Worth Area to enjoy the Super Bowl and the accompanying entertainment, they may notice some unusual billboards on display. Arlington police have covered these billboards with the mug shots of people convicted for prostitution-related crimes.

The mug shots are of “johns” – the men who seek the services of a prostitute. They are a visual indicator of the seriousness that local law enforcement has concerning the anticipated flood of prostitutes to the area.

The Super Bowl Prostitution Issue

Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas have been seeking solutions to the anticipated prostitution problem since being awarded the honor of hosting the beloved football championship. Officials were already proposing laws and enforcement efforts before it was known that the Green Bay Packers would square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prostitutes flooded Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, in droves of tens of thousands, as they visited the area to capitalize on the revelers’ desire to have a good time. Dallas hosted last year’s NBA All-Star Game and saw an estimated 40,000 prostitutes flooding the streets. The prostitution has gotten officials’ particularly close attention because many of the prostitutes were only children, some as young as ten-years-old.

What to Expect from Police and Prosecutors

If you are one of the lucky people attending the game or you’re just visiting to take part in the fanfare, be aware of local law enforcement’s aggressive stance on prostitution.

If you are arrested in Dallas-Fort Worth or Arlington for prostitution or solicitation, keep in mind that the charges should be taken seriously. A prostitution conviction may carry lofty fines, jail time or a particularly damaging addition to your criminal record. Needless to say, sex crimes can also have an adverse impact on marriages, families and reputation – especially for prominent businesspeople.

A Dallas-Fort Worth defense attorney can be your advocate in defending the charges. A reputable criminal defense lawyer can work with you to battle the accusations, even if you have already left Texas and returned home.