Public Sentiment Leans Toward Equal Child Custody in Texas Divorces

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2011 | Divorce, Family Law

It has been traditionally held in most Texas divorce cases that complete — if not primary – custody of the child often goes to the mother. However, public sentiment is changing to favor equal child custody. As the role of women has changed a great deal in our society, so too has the common conception about their role in the family unit. Slowly but surely, the father is being thought of as more than just a monetary provider in his child’s life.

Changes in Gender Roles and Their Effect on Child Custody

The old way of thinking is based on the idea that the father is the “breadwinner,” and the mother provides more direct care to the child. The common outcomes of custody hearings where the mother had custody and the father paid child support made sense in this light. However, this has not always been the typical family dynamic for a number of years, and the opinions of many Texans are starting to reflect this reality.

Old Perceptions Die Hard in Custody Hearings

In many cases, the perception that people have about the legal system favoring the mother is merely that — a perception. Texas courts look to the best interests of the children when deciding custody, not outdated gender stereotypes. The best interest concept factors in just about anything that could impact the safety, upbringing, education, quality of life, or other important aspects of a child’s life.

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