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May 2012 Archives

Facebook Status Update: Divorced!

A person can hardly read the news today and not hear some mention of social networking giant Facebook. Whether mentioning the record IPO earlier this month, or even the recent marriage of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it pops up almost everywhere we look. However, Facebook has also been making headlines due to the fact that it has been listed as a contributing factor in over a third of divorces, according to a recent survey.

Why do Americans Work So Much? Divorce Rates May Provide the Answer

In the early 1970s, Western Europeans spent more time working than their American counterparts - a trend that has drastically changed over the years. In fact, recent research indicates that Americans work 30 percent more than Europeans.

Divorce Rates Fall as Couples Acclimate to Two-Income Model

Divorce rates in the U.S. began to rise exponentially in the postwar era - especially during the 1970s - at a time when divorce laws were being changed and women began to enter the workforce. Even today, most estimate that roughly half of all marriages will end in divorce. But, even as divorce appears so prevalent in the U.S., divorce rates are actually dropping.

Missed Child Support Payments Lead to 40 Arrests in Dallas

Forty Dallas-area parents were arrested recently for failure to pay child support by the Texas Attorney General's office. During the weeklong sting - codenamed "Operation Lone Star Support" - investigators apprehended those suspected of missing child support payments across 12 different Texas counties.