Dallas Woman Allegedly Attempted to Sell Baby in Classifieds

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2012 | Child Custody

A Dallas mom was recently arrested following allegations that she attempted to sell her newborn son for $4,000 in a classified advertisement.

Unfortunately, accusations such as these may only hinder the adoption process for well-intentioned prospective parents The entire adoption process is already extremely sensitive and highly monitored, but baby selling claims may make the process more difficult for everyone, for example, same-sex couples looking to adopt.

Dallas Baby for Sale?

According to police and news reports, a Florida woman had seen the Texas mother’s ad – which allegedly set the price at $4,000 for the 4-month-old baby – and went to Dallas, but backed-out before completing the deal and instead called police.

The ad in question allegedly said, “I can no longer care for him the way he needs to be. We are living in a women’s shelter now. Im working with an adoption agency so there is an adoption fee they have set up. I believe its $6,500. Thank you and god bless.”

Police went to the mother’s apartment and found the baby in his crib alone. When the mother returned to the apartment she was arrested under a variety of charges, including the felony of child abandonment.

The Florida would-be parent told a local news station that she did not want to buy the boy, but instead adopt him – which she would still consider doing if possible.

While it remains to be seen if this mother did in fact intend to sell her baby boy, it does shine a light on how closely the adoption process is monitored – as the well-being of vulnerable children is paramount. If considering an adoption in Texas, an experienced attorney may be able to provide helpful advice and guidance.

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