Divorce: Some Intriguing Ways to “Celebrate” the End of Marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2012 | Divorce

While there is little dispute that divorce rates are increasing in Texas – and throughout the country for that matter – what is interesting is how couples are choosing to commemorate their newfound independence.

Recently, a list was compiled regarding some of the more unorthodox ways couples around the world “celebrate” the ending of their marriages. For example, many divorcing couples have recently begun hosting divorce parties – inviting family and friends to mark the beginning of their new single lives.

Couples in Japan have taken this one step further. There, many couples now have full-fledged divorce ceremonies – complete with a buffet meal and the ritual pulverizing of wedding rings. However, another divorce trend beginning to emerge in Japan involves a Japanese temple located in central Japan. Here, couples wishing to eliminate bad karma write their post-breakup hopes down on paper and then proceed to flush the pieces of paper down the toilet.

Moreover, over a decade ago a German bishop began the call for churches to implement their own ceremonies for divorcing couples – dubbed the Mass of Lament. It was believed that during these masses, the divorcing couples would explain to family and friends the reasons for their divorce.

Not to be outdone by their foreign counterparts, many couples divorcing in the U.S. have also developed their own elaborate divorce ceremonies. Recently, it was reported that a growing numbers of divorcees conduct ceremonies in front of family and friends – complete with vows. In fact, one such ceremony also included throwing the wedding ring in a nearby river.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Custom: 7 Post-Split Rituals From Around The World,” July 21, 2012

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