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October 2012 Archives

Dallas woman attempts to bribe judge in child custody case

In a divorce, the determination of which parent receives custody of a child can be stressful on both the parents and the child. A Dallas child custody attorney can help resolve the dispute in order to reduce the stress felt by everyone involved. While in some situations custody can be determined outside of court, such as in a mediation session, the case will be brought to court and settled by a family court judge if the parents cannot reach a settlement on their own.

Dallas police increase efforts to curb domestic abuse cases

Domestic abuse can be dangerous for anyone involved, particularly when physical violence is involved. In these situations, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, victims may wish to seek court-ordered protection and a divorce from their spouse.

46 percent of Dallas child support payments are delinquent

For many non-custodial parents, child support can be a point of contention. While the intent behind child support payments is to provide for the child's necessities and enhance the child's life, good intentions alone are not enough to guarantee payment, as any Dallas child support lawyer knows.

Former Dallas Football Player Seeks Modification of Child Support

Child support payments are intended to provide support for a child's needs. However, any Dallas child support lawyer knows that child support can also go beyond mere basic necessities, to include funds for school, medical costs and extracurricular activities as well.