Judge who offered couple same-sex adoption now marries them

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2013 | Same-Sex Partners

For some people, finding a penny heads-up would mean good luck. A found $5 bill might mean a good week. Other lost items might be turned into the lost and found by a Good Samaritan. However, Dallas and Collin residents may be interested to know that for one same-sex couple in New York, a discovery in a subway station was more precious than any amount of money or lost item.

In 2000 while coming home from work one day, a social worker saw what appeared to be a doll lying in a subway station. He immediately called the police when the “doll” moved its legs, revealing that it was actually a baby. After a search for the child’s mother, a judge awarded custody of the child to the social worker and his same-sex partner. The assistance of a Dallas same-sex family attorney can help couples through the complications of same-sex child custody and same-sex adoption.

Same-sex family issues can range from adoption to separation to estate planning and everything in between. Especially in a state like Texas that does not yet legally allow same-sex marriage, these issues could become even more complex. An experienced attorney, however, can assist a couple with the process of adoption, for example. In that situation, one of the first decisions to be made is what type of adoption to pursue: public, private, independent, open or international.

The couple was fortunate when the judge allowed them to take custody and then later adopt the found child. Twelve years later, the couple sought out that same judge and had her marry them.

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