Property division dispute underway involving prison compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Property Division

There are many important issues that can arise in connection to a divorce. One such issue is property division. How property division issues are ultimately resolved can have significant impacts on the involved parties.

Many complicated issues and questions can come up in relation to property division matters. Sometimes, such matters end up touching on some fairly novel issues and questions. When this occurs, the case sometimes ends up going all the way to a state’s high court for a clarification on the issue/question.

Recently, an article on the Monitor’s website reported on a divorce-related property division dispute in Texas that the parties involved reportedly believe may eventually end up coming before the Texas Supreme Court.

The case involves a man who was exonerated of sex crime charges he had been convicted on. The exoneration reportedly occurred after the man had served over two decades of the prison sentence that had been issued to him in connection to the charges. After he was exonerated and released from prison, the man was granted a compensation package by the state in relation to the time he spent in prison. Reportedly, in total, the compensation package is worth millions of dollars.

During his time in prison, the man got divorced. Since the man’s exoneration, a property division dispute has arisen between the man and his ex-wife regarding the compensation package he has been given. The man’s ex-wife argues that she is entitled to a portion of the package, while the man argues that she is not.

A district court in Texas heard this case and ruled in favor of the man’s ex-wife. The court granted her around $150,000 of the man’s compensation package. The man has since brought an appeal. It reportedly is believed that this case may end up going all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. One wonders if it will and, if it does, what decision the court ultimately makes.

Source: The Monitor, “Exoneree faces ex-wife in compensation lawsuit,” Brandi Grissom, June 18, 2013