Former MLB star on child support “most wanted” list

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | Child Support

Sports stars are often featured on posters. However, one former baseball star has now ended up on a different kind of poster that no person would want to be on: a “most wanted” poster regarding child support delinquency.

The former baseball star in question is Danny Tartabull. Tartabull played in Major League Baseball in the 80s and 90s.

According to authorities, Tartabull has a significant amount of back-due child support. Specifically, authorities claim that Tartabull owes $276,204.93 in child support in relation to his two sons.

Reportedly, in 2011, Tartabull submitted a no contest plea to charges related to his alleged failure to pay child support. According to authorities, after making this plea, Tartabull violated his probation terms. Authorities claim that Tartabull then failed to report for a prison term that had been assigned to him. An arrest warrant was then issued in regards to Tartabull. Reportedly, this warrant is still out.

In connection to his alleged failure to pay child support and his alleged actions after submitting the no contest plea, Tartabull has been included on a child support “most wanted” poster issued by the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department. This illustrates one of the methods authorities sometimes use in their efforts to address child support delinquency: the publicizing of alleged child support violations. Being on a child support “most wanted” poster or having one’s alleged child support violations put forward in some other public manner by authorities can have lasting reputation impacts on a person.

While this matter is from California, it illustrates a point that is worth noting here in Texas. This point is that being accused of child support delinquency can lead to a person facing serious consequences.

Sometimes, a person will experience difficulties when it comes to meeting their child support obligations. A person who is experiencing such difficulties should not simply stop making their payments. Rather, they should seek advice on what options are available to them. One option that may be available to a person experiencing difficulties in meeting their child support obligations is the pursuit of a child support modification.

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