‘Happy Endings’ actress’ marriage ending

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Divorce

There are many financial issues that can arise in connection to a divorce. A couple of fairly common divorce-related financial issues are property division and spousal support. How such issues are ultimately resolved can be very impactful.

Recently, some celebrity divorce news has come up. The news regards actress Eliza Coupe. Coupe starred in the recently-cancelled TV show “Happy Endings.” It seems that this show is not the only thing that is ending for Coupe. It appears that her marriage is also coming to an end.

Coupe got married in 2007. Her husband is an acting coach and a puppeteer. It has been reported that Coupe’s husband has now brought forth divorce papers. According to the article on TMZ’s website which reported this story, Coupe’s husband cites irreconcilable differences in these divorce papers.

A spousal support-related request has been made by Coupe’s husband in these papers. He has asked that he be granted spousal support. One wonders if Coupe will contest this request or if she will agree to pay her husband spousal support.

In regards to the issue of property division, Coupe and her husband reportedly are in mediation. One wonders what the results of this mediation will be and how property will ultimately be divided between Coupe and her husband.

As this case shows, a divorce can give rise to many important and impactful issues. Divorce-related issues (financial or otherwise) can have a variety of complicated aspects. Thus, if a person is going through a divorce, having a strong and experienced family law attorney on one’s side can be important.

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