‘CSI’ actor getting divorced

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2013 | Child Custody

Recently, a divorce case has arisen involving an actor who is in a popular television show that many people here in Texas watch. The actor in question is Wallace Langham. Langham is one of the stars of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Langham and his wife got married over a decade ago. About a year and a half ago, the two separated. Langham has now filed a petition for a divorce. He cites irreconcilable differences in this filing.

Langham and his wife have a 7-year-old daughter. Langham has made a child custody-related request in his divorce filing. Specifically, he is requesting a joint child custody arrangement. One wonders if Langham’s wife will make any child custody-related requests and, if she does, whether her requests will differ from Langham’s.

As this case illustrates, the matter of child custody sometimes comes up in a divorce. There are a wide variety of complex and important issues that can arise regarding child custody, such as the issues of: who a child will live with, who will get to make medical decisions regarding the child, who will get to make education decisions regarding the child and what religious upbringing the child will receive. What resolutions are ultimately reached in regards to such issues can be very impactful.

Sometimes, child custody-related issues are resolved amicably by parents. Other times, such issues lead to legal disputes. Whether a parent is in child custody negotiations or a child custody battle, having an experienced family law attorney on one’s side can be very important. A family law attorney can help a parent navigate the many complex aspects of child custody cases.

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