Divorce settlements can contain unique child custody terms

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Child Custody

Recently, some details have come out regarding a divorce settlement that Laura Silverman, girlfriend of “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell, and her ex-husband have reached. The details illustrate how diverse the terms of a divorce settlement can be.

One of the issues that the settlement deals with is child custody. Silverman and her ex-husband have a 7-year-old son. What is interesting about the custody portion of the former couple’s settlement agreement is that it has several terms that regard Simon Cowell and the boy.

One of these terms is that, until January 2015, Silverman is not allowed to have Cowell have any contact with the boy. If Cowell does have contact with the boy prior to January 2015, a $50,000 penalty will be assessed against Silverman. Also, if this term is violated three times, Silverman will temporarily have her rights to have contact with the boy taken away.

Another of the terms of the agreement puts restrictions on what Silverman’s ex-husband can say about Cowell around the boy. Specifically, it prohibits Silverman’s ex-husband from making disparaging statements regarding Cowell. The San Jose Mercury News article which reported on this story did not mention if there is a specific penalty clause in the agreement for violation of this term.

Child custody is a very emotional and impactful issue. Divorcing parents may have very specific concerns regarding child custody reflective of their particular situation. As can be seen from the above-mentioned agreement, divorce settlements can be carefully tailored to contain terms aimed at dealing with the unique child custody concerns of a given divorcing couple. Experienced family law attorneys know the various different ways such agreements can be tailored and can help a divorcing parent in divorce settlement negotiations.

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