Malin Akerman’s husband asks for visitation in divorce filing

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Child Custody

Actress Malin Akerman and her husband, recent new parents, are now heading for divorce. Our readers here in Texas may know Akerman from her television and film work. She has been in many films, such as “Watchmen,” and currently stars in the television shows “Childrens Hospital” and “Trophy Wife.”

Akerman and her husband got married six years ago. They have one child, a son. Their son was born a little over a half-year ago.

According to an article on E! Online, last week, Akerman’s husband submitted a divorce filing. In this filing, he cited irreconcilable differences.

Akerman’s husband is not asking for physical custody of the couple’s son; thus, it appears that physical custody of the child will go to Akerman in the divorce. Akerman’s husband has asked for visitation rights regarding the child. One wonders what visitation arrangement will ultimately be reached in this divorce.

Visitation arrangements can vary quite a bit. There are many important details to consider when it comes to such arrangements, such as: the frequency of visits, the length of visits, whether there will be any restrictions on what sort of activities can be done during visits and whether there will be any particular conditions that will be placed on visits. What specific terms ultimately end up being put in place regarding these details in a child visitation arrangement can be very impactful on the parties to a divorce and their child/children. Thus, what happens in child visitation-related negotiations and proceedings can have significant effects.

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