Domestic abuse-related protective orders in Texas can cover pets

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Domestic Violence

One major concern that a domestic abuse victim might have upon leaving an abusive situation is that they might be subjected to further violence. One type of legal protection that domestic violence victims may be able to pursue in connection to such a concern is a protective order. Protective orders can prohibit abusers from coming near their victims.

Their own safety might not be the only thing that a domestic abuse victim is worried about following the leaving of an abusive situation. They might also be worried about the safety of a beloved pet. Sometimes, perpetrators of domestic violence will make threats regarding a victim’s pet to try to control the victim. Last year, a law change was made here in Texas which allows protective orders to address this potential concern of domestic violence victims.

According to the article on KETR’s website which reported on this new law, the law became active in September and it allows courts in Texas to include terms regarding a victim’s pet(s) in domestic abuse-related protective orders. Proponents of the new law hope that allowing protective orders to include such terms will help protect domestic violence victims and their pets.

As this recent law change shows, there are a wide variety of terms that courts in Texas can place in protective orders issued against perpetrators of domestic abuse. Domestic violence attorneys can help domestic abuse victims who are seeking a protective order figure out what specific terms they should ask for in their request for an order.

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