The Guide to Good Divorce program offers seminars in Houston

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2014 | Divorce

When dealing with a divorce for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even a little frightened by the process. That’s because, as many of our readers here in Collin County already know, there are a lot of things to consider when going through a divorce that can range from financial to legal challenges. And while for some people it might be obvious to seek legal counsel right away, for others this might not be the case.

That’s where the Guide to Good Divorce program comes into play. Designed to help women transition from a divorce both financially, legally and spiritually, the workshops offered through this program provide those new to divorce with information about the process so as not to become overwhelmed by it later. Currently, the program released its 2014 seminar schedule, which will bring the popular workshops to residents here in Texas starting February 1.

While women may find these seminars incredibly beneficial, especially when it comes to building communities with other divorcees and getting legal advice about the process from a certified family law attorney, it’s worth noting that it’s not just women who may become frustrated by divorce. As some of our readers know, men often encounter difficulties when it comes to child custody and visitation rights. They may even have some of the same legal questions as their spouse.

Because the Guide to Good Divorce seminars are geared towards women, men here in Texas might find it beneficial to consult with an attorney of their own and get legal advice about the things they too will struggle with during a divorce. In this way, both sides will have a better idea of what to expect when going through the process, hopefully coming to a better resolution in the end.

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