Study brings into question commonly held divorce belief

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2014 | Divorce

One thing that has been becoming much more common in American households in the past few decades is women being the primary household earners. This has had many different impacts.

Some think that it has had impacts on the likelihood of divorce occurring in a marriage. One commonly held belief is that when a woman is the primary earner among a married couple with children, the couple is more likely to divorce. However, a recent study indicates that this common belief may be false.

The study was conducted in Great Britain and it looked at nearly 4,000 couples with children. For each couple, the study covered the time period between their first child being eight months old and seven years old.

The study found that the couples in which the woman was the primary earner did not show a greater likelihood of splitting up than couples in which the man was the primary earner.

One wonders if any similar studies will be conducted here in the U.S. and, if they are, if they will produce similar results to this study.

While being the primary earner in a household might not put a woman at greater risk of divorcing, it can have major effects on the type of issues that could arise for them if they do end up getting a divorce. The types of divorce-related concerns a person has regarding things like property can be quite different between a person who is a primary earner in a household and one who isn’t. Experienced family law attorneys understand the different financial issues that can arise in a divorce and can help divorcing individuals with the specific property-related concerns they have regarding their divorce.

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