Amusing divorce correlations

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Divorce

Most divorce statistics tend to be on the serious side. Today’s post, however, will be focused on some amusing divorce statistics.

The statistics were collected by the Huffington Post from the website Spurious Correlations. The website compares random statistics with each other. These random comparisons can lead to some rather funny correlations being seen. The Huffington Post collected some of the more amusing ones regarding divorce.

According to one of these statistical comparisons, when the consumption of whole milk goes up in the U.S., so do divorce rates here in Texas. In Washington D.C., on the other hand, skim and 1 percent milk appear to be the problem, as divorce rates go up in the district when U.S. consumption of those types of milk does. In Maine, increased U.S. margarine consumption is correlated with an increased state divorce rate. Connecticut sees a similar trend when it comes to U.S. turkey consumption.

In addition to being good for a laugh, these silly correlations underscore something that is worth noting when it comes to more serious divorce statistics. This is that, while divorce statistics can help shed light on some things, it is important to note when looking at such statistics that there are a lot of different things that statistics can show and that correlations shown in statistics do not always mean that one given thing causes another.

While general trends in divorce sometimes arise, a thing that it is important to not lose sight of is the fact that every divorce is unique, with its own specific set of issues and circumstances. Divorce attorneys can help divorcing individuals address the issues that their unique circumstances give rise to in their divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “When People Drink More Whole Milk, More People In Texas Get Divorced,” Taryn Hillin, May 13, 2014