How long can a protective order for domestic abuse last in Texas?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2014 | Domestic Violence

One of the legal protections that a domestic violence victim may be able to pursue is a protective order. Such orders can put restrictions on the perpetrator of a domestic abuse incident, such as restrictions from coming into contact with the victim or the victim’s children.

The time-length of such orders varies depending on the terms of the specific order. However, Texas does have rules in place regarding the maximum amount of time a protective order can be set to be in force.

What the maximum potential time period for a given protective order is depends on the order’s type. There are two types of protective orders here in Texas: temporary protective orders and general protective orders. Generally, here in Texas, the maximum time period for temporary protective orders is 20 days (though there are mechanisms that can be used for extensions) and the maximum time period for general protective orders is two years.

What the terms of a protective order are, including its length terms, can have a significant impact on the type and extent of the protection the order provides an individual who has been the victim of family abuse. This is something that it is very important for domestic violence victims to be aware of when making a request to a court for a protective order, whether it be a temporary order or a general order. Family law attorneys can give advice and support to domestic violence victims when it comes to the pursuit of a protective order.