When a divorce comes about from cheating

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Divorce

It is the worst fear of many individuals who are in a romantic relationship: that their significant other will cheat on them. Thus, discovering that a significant other has been engaging in infidelity can feel like a punch straight to the gut.

When cheating comes to light, great instability can strike a relationship. In some instances, couples are able to work things out and recover from an incident of infidelity. Many times, however, cheating spells the end of a relationship.

The end of a relationship due to the infidelity of a significant other can be a lot for a person to deal with emotionally. When the relationship that has broken down is a marriage, however, a person has other significant things on top of the emotional issues to deal with. When a marriage is being dissolved though a divorce, there are many important issues to address, such as how marital property will be split and what will happen in regards to the custody of any children the couple has. 

A married individual who has been cheated on and has entered into divorce proceedings due to the infidelity may be tempted, due to the major emotional strain they are under, to not put much energy towards the legal issues in the divorce or to have the divorce proceedings be a venue in which they take out their anger on their soon-to-be ex.

However, addressing divorce-related legal issues in a careful and level-headed manner can be important, as issues like property division and child custody can have major impacts on a person in the long term. One source of help victims of spousal cheating can go to when it comes to legal issues in a divorce are family law attorneys. 

Here at the Shapiro Law Firm, we understand how tough it can be on a person to be in a divorce as a result of a spouse’s cheating. We can provide legal support to individuals who are in such a situation. We strive to understand our divorce client’s needs, help them understand their rights and help them develop a long-term plan regarding their divorce.