Many things can make property division complex

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | Property Division

How property is divided is often a remarkably impactful issue in a divorce. It can also be an incredibly complicated issue. There are many different things that can lead to a complex property division in a divorce.

One is if the marital estate contains a large amount of property. Generally, the more property a marital estate has, the more individual property division questions that can come up and the more issues that need to be sorted out for a fair division to be reached.

Another is if the marital estate contains any property that is particularly difficult to value or determine a fair split of. Some types of property give rise to more intricate property division issues than others. Some examples of assets that can raise some tricky property division issues include: stock options, 401(k) accounts, pensions and investments.

Another thing that can be a complicating factor is if there are any pieces of property for which it isn’t clear-cut whether they are community or separate property. Which classification a property is given impacts whether it is included in the marital estate and thus whether it is eligible for property division. Much of the time, it is pretty straightforward what type of classification a property should be given. However, situations occasionally arise in which a property’s classification is a bit more of a hazy issue and disputes arise over whether the asset is community or separate property.

Our firm can help individuals in Texas who are in divorces where the issue of division of property, for one reason or another, has become complex. We have considerable knowledge and experience when it comes to property issues in a divorce and we understand what sorts of resources and efforts are needed to provide strong advocacy in complex property division matters. To learn more about us and this topic, see our page on complicated divorce property divisions.