Study: divorce more likely for couples with expensive weddings

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Divorce

It turns out that an expensive wedding will not necessary make for a strong marriage. In fact, a recent study indicates that it may actually have the opposite effect.

The study was based on data taken from a 3,000-plus person survey. Among the things the study looked at was whether divorce likelihood changed at all based on how much a couple spent on their wedding. The study found that, generally, the more a couple spent on their wedding, the more likely they were to get a divorce. For instance, couples saw a 46 percent rise in divorce likelihood over the average if their wedding cost at least $20,000. On the opposite side of things, couples that shelled out less than $1,000 for their wedding saw a 53 percent lower divorce likelihood than the average.

One of the things researchers pointed to as possibly being behind these results is that the major drain of resources an expensive wedding can be on a couple may increase the financial stress a couple is facing. Financial stress is one of the things that can weaken a marriage.

As this illustrates, money matters can have a major impact in a marriage. Thus, it is hardly surprising that financial matters can also be a major issue in a divorce. And just as how financial matters are handled in a marriage can affect a married couple’s future, how financial matters are dealt with in a divorce can have impacts on the financial futures of the divorcing parties. Thus, it can be very important to give financial matters their proper due when in divorce proceedings. Divorce attorneys can provide divorcing individuals with assistance with the various different legal issues regarding finances that can come up in a divorce, such as alimony and property division.

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