What are child custody and visitation called in Texas law?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Child Custody

Child custody and visitation can be major issues in divorces in any state. However, due to the fact that family law differs from state to state, an important thing for parents who are getting divorced to keep in mind is that what specific processes, procedures and rules will apply when it comes to custody/visitation in their divorce case will depend on the law of the state they are in.

There are all different sorts of ways that child custody and visitation rules can vary between the different states. Sometimes, even the basic terminology used in custody/visitation law is different.

For example, here in Texas, the law has its own particular terms for child custody and visitation. In Texas law, the terms “possession of and access to” are generally used instead of “visitation” and the term “conservatorship” is used instead of “child custody.”

This underscores that there are all different sorts of terms and rules that can come up in child custody and visitation cases. All these different terms and rules can understandably sometimes leave a person feeling a tad confused. However, navigating the complexities of child custody/visitation rules and not losing sight of what the important core issues are can be very important for parents who are in legal proceedings regarding custody/visitation, given the impactful nature of custody/visitation issues.

Experienced Texas child custody attorneys know and understand the specifics of custody/visitation law in the state and can act as a guide and strong advocate for divorcing individuals when it comes to custody/visitation matters.

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