Child-related disputes between divorced parents

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Child Custody

A divorce can cause all sorts of changes within a family. These changes can leave a child feeling very disoriented and confused. It is very important for Texas parents who have gotten divorced to be mindful of this and to do what they can to make adjusting to the changes the divorce will bring about as easy as possible for their kids.

This includes being careful when dealing with disputes that arise after a child custody arrangement has been put in place. Even when parents are easily able to amicably reach a child custody arrangement, there is the potential that disputes could arise between them regarding the kids after the arrangement goes into force.

How such disputes are addressed and dealt with has the potential to be very impactful on the kids. When such disputes become huge contentious conflicts, with name-calling and the works, they can be very harmful to kids. Thus, finding ways to address and resolve disputes in a respectful and non-explosive manner can be vital for parents. Here are some tips for divorced parents regarding dealing with child-related disputes with their ex:

  • Strive to keep channels of positive communication open. Proper communication can go a long way in diffusing potential problems.  
  • Try to keep emotions out of the dispute. Sticking to just the matter at hand in the dispute rather than allowing it to become a major emotional battle tied to all manner of other things can help simplify the dispute and perhaps make it easier to come to workable solution.
  • Avoid engaging in name-calling or other negative verbal attacks against your ex when dealing with a dispute. These can erode the ever-important channels of communication. Also, when such verbal attacks are done in front of the kids, it can create emotional hardships for the kids.

Sometimes, parents are able to come to resolutions of these sorts of disputes on their own. Other times, legal action becomes necessary. Family law attorneys can help divorced parents who are dealing with a child-related dispute with an ex determine if legal action is something that should be looked into and can help such parents try to resolve disputes in a way that keeps the kids’ feelings and overall well-being in mind.   

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