Should divorce news be shared in holiday cards?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2014 | Divorce

When a couple gets divorced, there typically are a great many things that need to be figured out. Some of these things are divorce-related legal matters, such as:

  • How property that was obtained during the marriage will be split.
  • What will happen regarding the custody of any minor children the couple has.
  • Whether either party will be required to pay alimony.
  • What will happen in regards to child support.

There are also matters of a more purely personal nature that generally need to be figured out when divorcing. One of these is how to tell friends, relatives and loved ones about the divorce.

Communication with friends, relatives and loved ones is something that is likely on quite a few people’s minds this time of year, as we are coming upon the holiday season. One thing that many people do for the holidays, particularly the Christmas holiday, is send holiday cards to relatives, friends and loved ones. One question a person who is going through a divorce may have when they are preparing their holiday cards is: should I talk about my divorce in my holiday cards?

There are differing opinions out there on this question. Some people argue that holiday cards really aren’t a proper format for sharing things about heavy topics like divorce, and thus that individuals should stick to lighter and happier topics in their holiday cards and leave sharing things about their divorce to things like face-to-face conversations or phone calls.

Others, however, argue that honesty can be a good and refreshing thing in holiday cards, and thus that talking honestly about tough things that are occurring in your life, such as a divorce, is okay in holiday cards.

What do you think about this? Do you think divorce is an appropriate topic in a holiday card?

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