Jail time given to Deion Sanders’ ex-wife for visitation violations

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Child Custody

When, in a divorce decree regarding parents with minor children, one of the parents is granted visitation rights, the decree will generally contain a visitation schedule. It is very important for parents to not wrongfully violate such a schedule. Some examples of visitation schedule violations are:

  • The parent who has visitation rights being blocked by the other parent from having the visitation time they are granted under the schedule.
  • The parent who has visitation rights keeping the children for longer than their allotted time under the schedule.
  • The parent who has visitation rights taking the kids at times other than those allotted to them under the schedule.

When a parent has such a visitation schedule violation committed against them, they may be incredibly concerned and have questions regarding what can be done to enforce the terms of the visitation schedule. Family law attorneys can help parents who have been the victim of a visitation schedule violation with pursuing enforcement of the visitation schedule.

One of the enforcement actions Texas courts can take in relation to a visitation schedule violation is to hold the violating parent in contempt of court. Among the penalties that can be issued against a parent for being in contempt of court is jail time. Recently, in a case here in Texas, the ex-wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders had such a penalty issued against her.

In the decree in the divorce between Sanders and his ex-wife, Sanders’ ex-wife was granted visitation rights and a visitation schedule was established. 

Sanders has argued that his ex-wife, on multiple occasions, has violated this visitation schedule, such as through keeping the kids longer than she was supposed to. Sanders took legal action to enforce the visitation schedule.

The judge in the case ruled that Sanders’ ex-wife did commit violations of the visitation schedule. The judge held her in contempt of court in connection to these violations. The judge ordered her to spend a week in jail in relation to the contempt-of-court charge.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Deion Sanders’ ex-wife jailed, loses rights to see kids,” Valerie Wigglesworth, Dec. 16, 2014