TX county enlists hairstylists to help domestic abuse victims

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Domestic Violence

There are many different sources of help out there for domestic violence victims. Domestic violence hotlines and shelters are a couple of examples of sources domestic abuse victims can turn to for help and support. Also, domestic violence victims may be able to receive legal protections aimed at keeping them safe from their abuser, such as protective orders.

One of the challenges that arises when it comes to getting domestic violence victims the help, support and protection they need is that domestic abuse victims can sometimes, out of things like fear or embarrassment, be very reluctant to reach out to others about the violence they have been subjected to. Thus, sadly, domestic violence victims sometimes keep the abuse to themselves and do not seek out help.

Consequently, finding ways to help domestic violence victims feel more comfortable talking to someone about what has happened to them and reaching out for help is very important. A county in Texas has implemented an intriguing program aimed at this goal.

The county in question is Brazos County and the program is called “Cut it Out.” The program involves training local hairstylists on spotting signs of domestic violence when it comes to their clients.

The idea behind the program is that some domestic violence victims may be more willing to talk with their hairstylist about personal matters, like abuse, than they would with others, and thus that better equipping hairstylists to notice abuse and have discussions with clients about domestic violence may help some domestic violence victims that may have otherwise kept their abuse to themselves talk about their abuse. Being able to talk with someone about their abuse could perhaps set the stage for a domestic violence victim feeling more comfortable seeking out help and support.

Thus far, the “Cut It Out” program in Brazos County has trained in over 100 stylists.

Do you think the “Cut It Out” program will be a useful tool in helping domestic violence victims reach out for help and support? Do you think other counties here in Texas should implement such a program? What other sorts of programs would you like to see put in place in Texas aimed at helping domestic violence victims?

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