Primary physical custody request made by Jeremy Renner’s wife

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Child Custody

There are many concerns that may be on a divorcing parent’s mind when thinking about child custody matters regarding their child. One is concern over the physical safety of their child. Recently, child safety matters have been brought up in relation to the issue of child custody in the divorce case of actor Jeremy Renner.

This divorce case began late last year when Renner’s wife submitted a divorce petition.

The couple has one child, a 22-month-old daughter. While Renner’s wife has asked that legal custody of the child be given jointly to her and Renner, she appears to not want a joint custody arrangement when it comes to physical custody. She has asked to be given primary physical custody of the child.

In court documents, Renner’s wife has made several claims in support of her request for primary physical custody. Included among these are claims that Renner historically has not spent much one-on-one time with the child and that she, not Renner, is the one who regularly cares for the child.

She also has voiced child safety concerns in relation to her child custody request. Specifically, she alleges that certain things Renner has at his home (such as a gun collection, a pond and an unfenced pool) could be safety hazards to a child, and that these hazards make it so the home is not safe for their daughter.

As this illustrates, there are many different sorts of arguments that parents can bring in support of a child custody request. Family law attorneys can talk with parents who are in child custody proceedings about what things they are most concerned about when it comes to their child and custody, and can help them try to develop strong arguments and strategies to address their concerns.

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