Fathers can seek out help in custody/visitation matters

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2015 | Child Custody

There are many different types of court proceedings fathers who are divorced or separated from their children’s mother can find themselves in when it comes to their children. One such class of proceedings are proceedings regarding what custody and visitation arrangement will be established regarding the children.

One thing some fathers worry about when going into such proceedings is the possibility of gender discrimination. Specifically, a father may worry that the court might rule against them in a custody/visitation matter solely because of their gender. Given how impactful court decisions regarding child custody and visitation can be, it is understandable that worries about the possibility of gender discrimination could leave a father feeling extremely apprehensive.

An important thing for fathers to know is that gender discrimination by courts in custody/visitation matters is prohibited here in Texas. Thus, a parent is not to have lesser rights in a child custody/visitation proceeding solely because of their gender. Another thing fathers may want to keep in mind is that they can bring in an attorney to be an advocate for their side in custody/visitation proceedings and to fight to ensure that their rights under state law are properly respected in such proceedings. 

Our firm understands how important, regardless of one’s gender, having one’s rights properly protected can be when in court proceedings regarding the custody of one’s children. We can provide our child custody/visitation clients with information regarding what their rights are and help them develop strategies for their child custody case aimed at both keeping their rights protected and promoting their children’s best interests.