The challenges of single parenting don’t have to be tackled alone

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2015 | Child Custody

There are many challenges that a person can face when they are a single parent. An important thing for single parents to know is that, for many of these challenges, they do not have to try to overcome them all on their own. There may be many sources of help they can reach out to. 

Sometimes, single parents face challenges when it comes to the care of their kids. This can include challenges involving balancing care of the kids with work and education. In some circumstances, a single parent may be able to turn to their family members, such as their parents, for help with these sorts of challenges. This can be seen in a recent article that was on the Washington Post’s website. In the article, a single mother explained some of the challenges she has faced as a single parent and how her mother (who was a single parent for a time) has helped her with these challenges through things like watching her child when she is doing education-related things. 

A single parent can also face emotional challenges. Family and close friends can be a very helpful support structure for a parent who is dealing with emotional difficulties in relation to  single parenting. Also, single parents who are dealing with emotional issues may find speaking with a mental health professional, such as a counselor, helpful. 

Sometimes, legal challenges arise for a single parent. There are a variety of different legal disputes a single parent could end being in with their ex-spouse, such as disputes regarding child custody, visitation time or child support. When it comes to these sorts of challenges, family law attorneys can be a valuable source of help for single parents.