Post-divorce expenses can be important to consider when divorcing

On Behalf of | May 18, 2015 | Property Division

There are many things it can be important to give some deep thought to when divorcing. One is what one’s everyday expenses are going to look like following the divorce.

A divorce will generally leave a person in a very different expense situation than they were in during their marriage. Carefully considering what one’s everyday expenses will be after the divorce can be important for a person as they are divorcing for several reasons. 

One is that it can help with future budgeting. Having a strong idea of what one’s everyday expenses are going to look like post-divorce can help a divorcing individual get a good picture of how they might need to adjust their spending moving forward.

Another reason giving thought to future expenses can be important for a divorcing individual is that what a divorcing person’s expense situation is looking like for the future might impact what sort of property division arrangement would be best for them. One reason for this is that some assets in a marital estate may have certain expenses attached to them, such as tax expenses or maintenance expenses. What a person’s future expense situation is likely to be might impact how much they would want to have a given expense-containing asset as part of the property they end up with in the divorce property division.

Given the things we mentioned above, one mistake it can be important for a person to not make as they are divorcing is underestimating their post-divorce expenses. Such an underestimation could lead to a person making property/asset decisions in their divorce that might not be the best ones for them in the long run. Thus, when estimating future expenses, it can be important to factor in all relevant things, including inflation and the possibility of unexpected expenses.

Attorneys can provide individuals who are in divorce proceedings with guidance on what kinds of things it can be important to factor in when making decisions in relation to property division issues in a divorce. 

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