How an undiagnosed condition could lead to child custody issues

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2015 | Child Custody

Though most people associate child custody disputes with divorce proceedings, child custody cases can also include non marital related issues as well. Take for example an out-of-state case in which two parents are currently embroiled in litigation to get their children back from foster care. The children were taken, sources claim, because of an incident involving the couple’s infant daughter. According to the parents, the situation is a misunderstanding, brought on because of undiagnosed medical conditions.

Some of our Texas readers may have heard about the case in which we are referring. For those who haven’t, the case involves accusations of child abuse after X-rays of the infant showed fractures. Child protective services were called and all of the family’s children were removed from their custody.

But according to the parents, who have since obtained legal counsel and are fighting the charges against them, their child was not abused but rather is suffering from two medical conditions that are affecting her bones and connective tissues. Their assertions have since been corroborated with a doctor who has diagnosed her with infantile rickets and a form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome — a genetic condition that causes joint hypermobility.

Though the legal dispute concerning this family is occurring in another state, it’s an issue that could easily arise here in Plano or other areas in Texas as well. The important thing for parents to remember though is that you do not need to face a child custody dispute on your own. You do have the right to legal counsel. And especially in situations such as the one above, having a skilled attorney at your side could make all the difference when fighting for a favorable outcome.

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