A celebrity-divorce-filled summer

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2015 | Divorce

Celebrity divorce news sometimes seems to come in waves. It appears that we are currently in the midst of such a wave this summer. As USA Today recently noted, over around the past month, there have been quite a few celebrity divorce announcements. 

Why is this summer seeing so many such announcements? Many different things can influence when a celebrity couple decides to announce a split, so there could be a wide range of possible reasons. Today, we will discuss a couple of the possibilities that have been put forward.

For one, it might have to do with the way celebrity schedules are in the summer. Just as is the case with many other individuals, the work schedules of celebrities sometimes aren’t quite as packed in the summer. Thus, summer can be an opportunity to put a lot of thought and focus towards things other than work, such as family. So, many celebrity couples may perhaps use the summer as a time to assess/address major issues going on with their relationship and family, which may sometimes lead to them deciding that divorce is the right thing for their family situation. So maybe this summer has been one of a lot of careful introspection about family/relationships among celebrity couples.

Also, celebrities, like most individuals, generally care a lot about their privacy. Thus, one of their big hopes regarding a divorce announcement might be that it wouldn’t get a ton of attention and that it would disappear from the news cycle quickly. Consequently, one thing celebrities might be thinking about when picking a divorce announcement time is what announcement time would be least likely to draw considerable attention. So perhaps many celebrity couples felt this summer might be a less attention-drawing time of year for divorce announcements.

What do you think is behind the high number of celebrity divorce announcements this summer?

It is important to note that timing concerns regarding divorce are not unique to celebrities. When any couple is getting a divorce, there can be many important timing things to think about, such as: when to tell the kids about the divorce, when to tell friends and loved ones about the divorce and when to file for divorce. Timing issues can be very critical ones in a divorce. Divorce attorneys can help individuals understand how different timing issues could have impacts in their divorce.