When problems come up regarding receiving child support

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | Child Support

Parents who have been awarded child support under a court order sometimes end up facing child-support-related problems. One such problem is not receiving a child support payment they were supposed to. When issues regarding child support payments arise, it can be important for a parent to seek out the advice of a child support lawyer.

One thing that can be the cause of a parent not receiving a child support payment they were supposed to is the other parent failing to make the payment. Attorneys can provide parents who have been subjected to a failure to pay child support by their ex with guidance when it comes to child support enforcement options.

A recent article by KVUE highlighted another way a parent who has a child support award could end up not receiving their child support payments: the state collecting the payments from their ex but then putting the payments on hold and not distributing them. 

According to the article, state records indicate that, in this year’s third quarter, Texas had $55 million in undistributed child support. These numbers indicate that the total of undistributed child support has seen quite a big increase in the state over the past few years. Why do you think there has been such an increase?

There are a range of legitimate reasons for the state to put child support payments on hold. One would hope the state would only put a hold on a child support payment when they have a legitimate reason to do so. Unfortunately, mistakes can sometimes occur when it comes to child support holds. Attorneys can help parents who have experienced a child support hold look into why the state put the payments on hold and can assist them with fighting unjust or unfair holds.