Cellphones and relationships

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Divorce

Driving isn’t the only thing individuals sometimes let cellphones distract them from. Individuals sometimes get distracted by their cellphone when they are spending time with their partner.

A recent study indicates that cellphone distractions within a relationship are fairly common. In the study, a survey was conducted of over 450 U.S. adults. One of the things the respondents were asked in the survey was whether their partner had ever snubbed them while spending time with them in favor of doing something on their cellphone. Nearly half, over 46 percent, of the respondents said that they had experienced such snubbing.

The survey results also indicate that cellphone-related distractions could be harmful to a relationship. For one, the study found that the respondents who indicated that their partner had snubbed them in favor of cellphone use showed lower relationship satisfaction levels. Also, a fairly sizable portion of the survey respondents, 23 percent, indicated that conflict had come up in their relationship with their partner in connection to cellphone-related distraction.

How big of problems do you think cellphone-related distractions can cause in a relationship? What types of cellphone-related distractions do you think are most harmful to a relationship? Do you think cellphone-related distractions will continue to remain a fairly common thing within relationships?

As this survey illustrates, modern communication technologies (such as cellphones) can sometimes have the potential to be a source of strain within relationships.

In a marriage, relationship strains can sometimes build to the point where the marriage simply doesn’t work anymore. When this occurs, it can be important for a person to know their legal options. Family law attorneys can provide individuals with information and guidance on divorce and other legal issues related to the break-down of a marriage.  

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