Name decisions in a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Divorce

Divorce is generally a very decision-filled time. Divorce decisions can touch on some very fundamental things, even your name. For individuals who changed their last name when they got married, such as changing it to their partner’s last name or to a hyphenated last name, one decision that comes before them in a divorce is whether to change their last name again now that the marriage is ending.

For some, the divorce name change decision is a pretty straightforward one. Others find this decision to be more complex. There can be many things that can be factors in the decision of whether to change one’s last name when getting divorced, including:

  • Career/professional concerns.
  • Concerns about the kids.
  • The logistical implications of the name change being considered. 
  • How one feels about their married name and their birth name.
  • Emotional baggage attached to a name.
  • Concerns about family legacy. 

There are also legal considerations related to name changes. Individuals with questions about what legal concerns can arise in relation to divorce-connected name changes and what the process is for making a divorce-related name change should discuss the matter with a divorce attorney.

As one can see, there can be many things to think about when it comes to a divorce-related name change decision. And this is just one of the many decisions that can be before a person during a divorce. So, in a divorce, there can be a vast number of things to keep in mind. Divorce lawyers can help individuals with avoiding mistakes and confusion during the very involved process that is divorce.

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