The challenges of high-conflict divorces

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2015 | Divorce

Some divorces end up being very high-conflict. There are many things that can be extremely important when going through a high-conflict divorce.

One is properly addressing the emotional challenges involved. A large amount of conflict can cause a divorce to put an even greater amount of emotional stress on a person than usual.

What can help with trying to stay emotionally healthy during a high-conflict divorce?

One thing is getting the emotional help and support one needs. This can include both more informal help, such as going to friends and family for support, and professional help, such talking with a therapist.

Things such as making sure to keep up a fair amount of physical activity and occasionally indulging in forms of escape, such as reading, in a healthy way may also help with dealing with the emotional stress of a high-conflict divorce.

Other things that can be important when facing high emotional stress in a high-conflict divorce include: keeping things in proper perspective, not losing sight of the good and staying focused on who you are.

What do you see as the most stressful aspects of a high-conflict divorce? What sorts of advice would you give for dealing with the emotional stresses of such a divorce?

Another thing that can be very important in a high-conflict divorce is properly addressing the legal matters connected to it. In a high-conflict divorce, there are many different legal issues that could end up being major battlegrounds. What resolutions end up being reached when it comes to such issues and what happens during the process of such resolutions being reached can have major impacts. Thus, when it comes to such issues, properly understanding what impacts the issues can have, taking the right legal approach to the issues and staying focused on finding the right solutions for dealing with the issues can be important.

Consequently, when a person is going through a high-conflict divorce, they should consider bringing in an experienced divorce attorney to help with the legal matters in the divorce. Such attorneys can advise divorcing individuals on how to navigate the tricky legal issues high-conflict divorces can raise. Skilled divorce lawyers can also provide guidance on ways to help to prevent unnecessary legal conflicts in a divorce.

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