What are warning signs of an abusive relationship?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Some types of family abuse involve fairly overt actions, like physical violence. However, not all types of domestic abuse are initially very apparent. Some can be very subtle and challenging to initially spot, such as relationship abuse involving coercion and control.

An important thing to note when it comes to family abuse is that subtle does not mean less harmful. Subtle forms of abuse, just like overt forms, can negatively impact victims in all kinds of ways. Thus, it is important for individuals who are in a relationship to be aware of some of the things that can be signs of an abusive relationship, in case these signs start to creep into their relationship.

The following are some potential signs of a partner being abusive:

  • Your partner being emotionally manipulative towards you.
  • Your partner controlling your travel.
  • Your partner controlling your finances and not letting you be involved in financial decisions or actions. 
  • Your partner controlling what you wear.
  • Your partner being controlling of your relationships and friendships.
  • Your partner commonly acting in a jealous fashion and frequently accusing you of affairs.
  • Your partner ridiculing, embarrassing or humiliating you in public. 
  • Your partner isolating you from friends and family.
  • Your partner making threats towards you.

Taking prompt, appropriate action can be very important when one suspects they are in an abusive relationship. The longer a person is in an abusive situation, the more harm the situation can deal out to them. Thus, if a person believes their relationship has turned abusive, it can be extremely important for them to understand what options they have to protect themselves from abuse and escape from an abusive situation. Domestic violence lawyers can provide individuals who think that they may be in an abusive relationship with compassionate legal support and explanations of what their options are. 

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