When divorcing parents have toddlers

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | Child Custody

There are numerous things that can be very important when going through a divorce when one has toddlers. One is working to get a child custody arrangement in place that properly factors in the specific situation of one’s family and which protects their toddler’s specific bests interests.

What child custody and visitation arrangement is reached in a divorce of parents who have a toddler will generally impact many things for the toddler and the parents, including who the toddler will be living with and how much time the toddler will spend with each parent. There are a range of different things that could impact what custody arrangement would be best for a given toddler. Attorneys can help parents of toddlers understand the custody issues specific to their divorce case and what they can do during child custody proceedings to both protect their own rights and further their toddler’s best interests.

Another thing that it can be important for parents of toddlers to do when divorcing is keep their child’s age in mind when telling them about the divorce. A toddler’s communication abilities, mental development and understanding of the world around them are generally quite different from that of older children. These differences are important things to factor in when talking with one’s toddler about a divorce and what impacts it will have on them.

Recently, a Huffington Post article gave some tips for divorcing parents regarding talking to toddlers about divorce. These tips included:

  • In such discussions, reassuring the toddler that they are not abandoning them. 
  • Regularly keeping their toddler informed of what their daily schedule is post-divorce.
  • Making sure to talk about the divorce in a way that properly prepares their toddler for the long-term nature of the effects of the divorce. 
  • Using clear, concrete and simple language when explaining to their toddler how the divorce will impact their living situation and other aspects of their daily life.

What do you think are the biggest challenges a divorce of parents poses for toddlers? What do you think are the most important things for parents to keep in mind regarding their toddlers when divorcing? What do you think it is most important for toddlers to hear when their parents are divorcing?