Who is in your support network matters when going through divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | Divorce

When dealing with the emotional turmoil of a divorce, having a strong support network can be important. For many divorcing individuals, their friends make up a significant portion of their support structure.

Who you rely on for emotional support during a divorce can have a significant impact on how the divorce and post-divorce experience as a whole end up going. So, who you have in your support network can be far from inconsequential. Thus, when getting divorced, the decision of which friends to have be a part of one’s go-to support structure can be one it is worth giving very careful thought to. There are all different types of friends a person can have, and friends can vary quite a bit in how well-suited they would be for being a strong source of emotional support during a divorce. 

Things that may affect how well-suited a friend may be for inclusion in one’s divorce support network include:

  • How prone they are to being a fair-weather friend. 
  • Whether they are drawn to drama.
  • How they have reacted, friendship-wise, to the divorce. 
  • Whether the friend is emotionally replenishing or depleting.

Also, when it comes to the friends one has picked for their support structure, it can be important for a person to understand their limitations support-wise.  

What do you think are some of the most important traits for a person’s divorce support structure to have? What sorts of friendships do you think can be particularly supportive during a divorce? 

A person’s choices regarding who they turn to for emotional support are not the only choices that can be very impactful in a divorce. So too can choices regarding who to turn to for legal support. Divorce is a legally complex process that has significant implications. Thus, the quality of the legal advice one receives during a divorce can matter greatly. This is among the reasons why having a skilled and experienced divorce attorney’s guidance can be of such great importance when divorcing. 

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