Domestic violence risks of the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can happen at any time of the year, even the holidays. In fact, there are certain things about the holiday season that have the potential to increase the likelihood of domestic abuse. Examples of things that can be associated with the holiday season that could also be potential triggers for domestic violence include:

  • Financial worries.
  • Stress related to holiday preparations. 
  • Stress related to family interactions during the holidays.  
  • Alcohol.

It is not uncommon for domestic violence occurrence rates to be high over the holidays. Domestic violence increases of up to 25 percent are seen in some locations this time of year. 

Thus, during the holidays, it is important for individuals to be aware of the way the different holiday-related stresses they are facing could be affecting them and to make sure to not let themselves get into a state where they could lose control and potentially hurt loved ones.

Also, if, during the holidays, a person suspects that a family member may be turning abusive, they should consider reaching out for help with their situation.

Promptly getting help is also very important for individuals who end up experiencing domestic violence. The sooner a person reaches out for advice and guidance after being subjected to domestic abuse, the sooner they can fully understand and pursue their options for support and protection. Experienced and skilled domestic violence attorneys understand how important compassionate and well-supported guidance can be for victims of family violence and can provide such individuals with the caring representation they deserve.

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