Keeping divorce from negatively impacting your job

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2016 | Divorce

Individuals who are getting divorced may worry that the divorce could negatively impact their ability to hold onto their job.

How could a divorce affect a person’s ability to keep their job? Well, a divorce can cause a lot of emotional turmoil and stress. If a person is not careful, these things could end up impacting how they act at work. If such turmoil and stress negatively affect a person’s productivity and function level at work, their employment situation could be precarious.

Thankfully, a divorcing individual doesn’t have to simply sit by and hope their divorce has no negative effects on their performance at work and their employment situation. As was discussed in a recent Huffington Post article, there are steps a divorcing person can take to try to insulate themselves from negative divorce-related employment effects. Among the steps the article suggested were:

  • Be honest and realistic with one’s bosses about the divorce and the practical effects it is having, and work with them to find the best ways to ensure work performance stays at an acceptable level during the divorce.
  • Careful scheduling. When a person is divorcing, there can be many important things to take care of. In the midst of such busyness, it is important to not let work-related things slip through the cracks. Careful scheduling can help with ensuring important work-related things don’t inadvertently get neglected. Good scheduling can also help with compartmentalizing one’s life so the more emotional aspects of a divorce don’t seep into one’s conduct at work.
  • Get support. Many practical changes can come along with a divorce. The stresses of dealing with these changes are one of the things that could potentially impact work performance. An important thing for divorcing individuals to realize is that they don’t necessarily have to handle these changes alone. They can enlist friends and family to help with the changes and, hopefully, help reduce the stress of the changes.

As a note, the practical changes in a divorce are not the only thing that can be a source of divorce-related stress. So too can the legal matters connected to a divorce. So, having good legal support can be a source of help when it comes to divorce-related stress reduction. This is one of the reasons why seeking out a skilled divorce attorney’s help can be quite important when divorcing one’s spouse.