Transitioning back into the workforce post-divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Divorce

One of the big things post-divorce life often involves for individuals who were a stay-at-home parent when married is getting back into the workforce. There are many concerns such individuals may have about this after they split from their spouse. 

For one, they may be worried about whether they will be able to find the right job. There can be many job-hunting challenges related to going back into the workforce after a long time away from it. There are, however, things individuals who are in a post-divorce transition away from being a stay-at-home parent can do to hone their job-hunting skills and increase their attractiveness to prospective employers. Some examples include:

  • Focus on networking.
  • Work on computer skills.
  • Practice interviewing.
  • Ask for help from friends and professionals when it comes to resume writing.
  • Talk with a job coach.
  • Talk with individuals who have gone through the transition of going back into the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent.  
  • Be self-confident.

Another thing individuals who had been stay-at-home parents may be worried about when getting divorced is how they will get along financially during the transition period of trying to get back into the workforce. The process of finding a suitable long-term job after spending a significant amount of time out of the workforce can sometimes take awhile.

What the financial settlement is in their divorce can significantly impact how strong of a position a previously stay-at-home parent will be in to handle things financially until they successfully transition back into the workforce post-divorce. Divorce lawyers can advise stay-at-home parents who are divorcing their spouse on how to incorporate concerns regarding the financial issues related to getting back into the workforce into the arguments they present in finance-related proceedings and negotiations in their divorce.

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