While single parenting has challenges, it also has positives

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Child Custody

Many challenges can arise for a parent in relation to a divorce. One thing that can sometimes prove complex and difficult is getting the right child custody arrangement in place. Skilled family law attorneys understand this and can provide divorcing parents with guidance and advice aimed at trying to help get an appropriate and well-tailored custody setup in place in as smooth a manner as possible. 

Challenges can also come up for parents after a divorce. 

What types of challenges a parent could likely end up facing post-divorce in part depends on what child custody arrangement is reached.

For parents granted primary custody of the kids, one thing that can sometimes create challenging situations is the many responsibilities placed on them. A lot is asked of such single parents. An important thing for such parents to remain mindful of though is that being a single parent is not all difficulties. There are also many positive aspects of single parenting. A recent Huffington Post article pointed out some of these positive aspects, such as:

  • Getting to experience the many high points of parenting.
  • Getting to have a fair amount of freedom when it comes to parenting choices, (One important thing to note on this front though is that a single parent’s decision-making freedom regarding parenting is not unlimited, particularly if they share legal decision-making authority regarding the children with the other parent).
  • That many confidence-boosting events can occur over the course of single parenting. 
  • That the hope of being a good role model to their kids can be a strong motivator for a single parent to be the best person they can be. 

What do you think are some of the best ways to stay focused on the positive aspects of single parenting when dealing with challenges?