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March 2016 Archives

When divorcing parents have teens

Teens can have very different needs and a very different life situation than younger children. So, it is no surprise that some unique concerns can arise for parents when it comes to their teens, particularly when life-changing events occur, such as divorce.

The importance of avoiding custody exchange conflicts

Among the many things that the coparenting relationship generally involves after parents split are custody exchanges. These exchanges are when the kids go from one parent to the other (such as when one parent is giving the other parent the kids for that parent’s visitation time).

Study: smartphone responses to domestic violence fall short

When people are looking for help or resources, one thing they increasingly turn to these days is their smartphone. This not only can be the case when it comes to everyday things, like looking for directions, but also when facing serious crisis situations, like domestic violence.

Things that can cause problems in a divorce

Every divorce has its difficult aspects. However, there are steps a person can take to prevent a divorce from being harder than it needs to be. Being properly prepared, having the right mindset and having the right approach going into a divorce can help greatly in the effort to have the divorce go smoothly. 

Texas coach Charlies Strong avoids testifying in bitter divorce

Like virtually every other state, Texas allows no-fault divorce. Decades ago, if someone wanted to divorce their husband or wife, they had to prove that their spouse is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. Commonly acceptable grounds for divorce included cruelty, adultery and abandonment.

Financial things to know about your partner before marriage

Married individuals are partners on many different levels. This includes the financial level, as the financial actions of one spouse can have significant implications on the other. A spouse could feel the financial effects of the actions of their partner for a long time; sometimes, such effects even end up outlasting the marriage. For while divorce property division has big impacts on a person's post-divorce financial state, so too does what financial ramifications a spouse's actions had on the marital estate during the marriage.

Older divorcing individuals and the house

Individuals of any age can end up taking a bit of an income hit after a divorce. While such an income drop can be concerning for any divorcing individual, it can be of particular concern for older individuals. Due to retirement, the potential of facing high medical expenses in the not-too-distant future and other factors, older divorcing individuals can have considerably fewer options for building income levels back up after a divorce.

What are signs of physical child abuse?

After a divorce, a parent hopes that, when their ex has time with the kids, their ex will act properly towards the kids. In the ideal situation, after a divorce, both parents will keep their kids’ well-being and safety as the main driving forces in their behavior. Sadly though, instances do sometimes occur post-divorce in which one parent engages in conduct which exposes children to significant harm. Physical abuse is one such sort of conduct. This conduct can have considerable negative health and emotional implications for children.