There are many benefits of a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements

As your wedding day closes in, you’re sure to have many questions on your mind.

It’s only natural to think about the future, including what would happen if you ever divorce your soon-to-be spouse. While you don’t expect this to happen, it’s a good idea to plan for both the good and bad.

This is where a prenuptial agreement can help. With this agreement, both you and your partner can feel better about what would happen in the future should divorce loom on the horizon.

Here are some of the many benefits of creating a prenuptial agreement:

  • You can protect the inheritance rights of children from a previous marriage.
  • You can protect any separate assets that you bring into the marriage.
  • You can use a prenuptial agreement to avoid a situation in which you assume debt that the other person brings into the marriage.
  • A prenuptial agreement can protect business ownership or an interest in a professional practice.
  • A prenuptial agreement can limit the amount of alimony that one person pays the other in the event of a divorce.
  • A prenuptial agreement can protect a person who has plans of giving up a lucrative career to raise the couple’s children.

With so many benefits, it at least makes sense to learn more about a prenuptial agreement. Even if you don’t end up creating this legal document, you will have a clear idea of what it could do for someone in your position.

A prenuptial agreement can’t be done at the last minute. Leave yourself plenty of time to discuss the creation of a prenuptial agreement with your partner. There is a lot that goes into this, so you need to think it through. And both you and your spouse-to-be need time to get the document prepared and reviewed. If you come to the conclusion that a prenuptial agreement is a good idea, don’t hesitate to learn more about how this document, what you can and can’t include, and common mistakes to avoid.

The parties to a prenuptial agreement each need their own attorney. Without separate attorneys, the court could rule the agreement invalid. If you have questions about prenuptial agreements, speak with an experienced family law attorney.