Struggles with addiction can lead to criminal charges in Texas

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Drug addicts often face serious social stigma, along with criminal consequences for their choices. Although many people like to imagine that addiction is a choice, there is plenty of reason to believe that addiction is really a disease. Some people have a genetic proclivity toward addiction that they inherit from their families. This can explain why some households have multiple generations of drug addicts or alcoholics.

Family environments and culture can also strongly influence someone’s likelihood to abuse drugs later in life. Everything from neglect to overt physical abuse can contribute to drug abuse issues in the future. Unfortunately, our society still treats those who struggle with addiction as nothing more than criminals. These individuals often face castigation and shame instead of support and rehabilitative services.

For those who wind up arrested while addicted to drugs, there may be options available that can minimize the impact of those charges on their future.

Those willing to seek treatment may qualify for diversion programs

Whether you got busted with a small amount of marijuana or narcotic prescription medication that wasn’t yours, an arrest can often be a wake-up call. Spending the night in jail or needing to call an attorney or a family member for bail can lead some people to seek treatment or counseling for addiction and its underlying causes.

Post-arrest addiction counseling and rehabilitation services can help you as you fight criminal charges, in some cases. The courts may look favorably on proactive attempts to address your addiction. Everything from recovery groups to inpatient addiction counseling could help your legal situation and convince the courts that you feel committed to recovery and taking responsibility for your actions.

If you admit your problem and take steps to address it, your treatment can become a tool for negotiating lesser charges or reducing the penalties that you face.

Fighting drug charges can help you build a brighter future

An arrest for drug charges can be a turning point for some people. Choosing to push back against pending criminal charges can be a great way to invest in your own future. A criminal drug conviction could haunt you for years, keeping you out of rental housing and the best jobs.

If you realize that your addiction has caused your legal troubles and you are willing to seek treatment for it, that means you have a future worth fighting for. Before you simply accept a plea bargain and hope for the best, you should take some time to discuss your case with a Texas attorney with an excellent reputation in criminal defense.

Your lawyer may be able to help you strategize for defense or negotiate better terms with the courts. Each case is unique, but the guidance of an attorney can almost always help you make better decisions about pending criminal drug charges in Texas.