Want to ask for a prenuptial agreement? Do these things

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As your wedding day closes in, it’s natural to face a bit of stress and anxiety. When you throw in a conversation about creating a prenuptial agreement, you could soon find yourself needing a break.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ease the tension that’s often associated with discussing the creation of a prenuptial agreement.

If you’re ready to bring this topic to light, here are several tips you can follow:

  • Have a meaningful conversation: There’s nothing simple about agreeing to create a prenuptial agreement. Even if the both of you are on the same page, there’s a lot that goes into making decisions regarding what to include and what to leave out.
  • Don’t issue demands: Many people make this mistake, especially if they feel that their partner will put up a fight. Rather than issue demands, talk about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement.
  • Hear your partner out: You may have a lot to say about creating a prenuptial agreement, but that doesn’t mean you should do all the talking. Let your partner share their thoughts and feelings, as this is the best way to work through any differences.
  • Talk about your reasons for wanting a prenuptial agreement: It’s easy to ask for a prenuptial agreement, but not always as simple to explain why you think it’s a good idea. If you have fears about the future, perhaps because of something that happened in the past, share this with your partner. This will give them a better idea of where you’re coming from.
  • Take time away from the conversation: Once everything is out in the open, you and/or your partner may need time to process the details and decide what to do next. Don’t feel pressured to cram everything into one conversation. Take time away when necessary, with the promise to revisit the discussion again in the future.

You never know what will happen when you ask for a prenuptial agreement. Your partner may be 100 percent on board with the idea, or they may turn you down and question your intentions.

If you and your future spouse are ready to get a prenuptial agreement, each person needs their own lawyer. Those professionals can iron out the details of the agreement, sparing you and your partner much stress.