Dealing with false accusations in a child custody battle

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Child custody courts always place a priority on looking out for the child’s best interests, and for good reason. But some parents who are determined to manipulate the course of justice try to disparage the other parent by making false or exaggerated claims. This can lead to the courts trying to protect a child from a risk that was never there to start with, and, ironically, this can lead to the child missing out on having a bond with both parents.

If the other parent of your child has made false or exaggerated claims against you to try and minimize your visitation rights, it is likely that you are feeling victimized and frustrated. It is important, however, that you take the moral high ground and work toward establishing the truth, rather than trying to gain revenge. It’s important that you understand the law and that you know how to take action to gain the custody arrangement that you deserve.

The concept of parental alienation

The use of false accusations to gain an upper hand in child custody cases has become so common that it has been coined “parental alienation”. It has meant that judges have become less likely to take accusations as fact. Instead, investigations are made into the truth behind these accusations. Furthermore, if a parent has been known to be manipulative in court cases, it is less likely they will be believed in the future. However, the courts will always try to ensure that the child is safeguarded while being able to have a relationship with both parents if possible.

Fighting for truth rather than fighting back

It’s important that you fight to show the child custody courts your true character when you are the victim of a character attack perpetrated by the other parent. You should also be truthful. If, for example, you have had addiction problems in the past, you should be able to show the courts that you have worked through these challenges for the sake of your children.

Taking early action to build your child custody case is essential if you want to get a successful result. By understanding the law, you will be able to fight for justice.