Dependence on pain pills can lead to serious legal trouble

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For many people dealing with addiction to opioid painkillers, the problems started innocently enough. Often, people struggling with addiction started out taking a medication as prescribed by their physician. However, when their symptoms began to get better, they found that transitioning off of their medication proved to be far more difficult than they originally anticipated.

These individuals may find themselves with a number of unpleasant options available to them. They may go to a prescription mill run by a physician who hands out painkillers like candy. They may also try to shop for a better doctor, going around and getting prescriptions from as many physicians as they can.

Not everyone will continue to get the medication they become dependent on through official channels. Some people will turn instead to the illegal market, where they can purchase narcotic painkillers without any questions or paper trail. Unfortunately, all of these individuals run the risk of legal consequences for their addiction.

Texas will not turn a blind eye to the illegal possession of narcotic painkillers

Quite a few people are under the mistaken impression that, provided they don’t have a criminal background involving drugs, they won’t face serious repercussions if they get caught while in possession of medication for which they do not have a prescription. However, Texas has been dealing with an opioid epidemic that has inspired law enforcement, judges and prosecutors alike to try to make examples of individuals in the hope of deterring other offenders.

Anyone accused of the possession of a controlled substance could face serious criminal consequences. The exact penalties you face will relate to the overall weight of the medication that you had in your possession at the time of your arrest. The greater the overall weight of the drugs, the more serious the penalties.

The drug courts could offer you an alternative to criminal proceedings

When someone’s criminal charges stem solely from addiction and don’t involve any form of violence, it is sometimes possible to ask the courts for special consideration due to the addiction that led to your arrest. Some cases can go through the Texas drug courts instead of through the standard criminal courts.

Texas drug courts focus more on rehabilitation than on punishment. Those who go through drug courts can receive inpatient treatment in lieu of incarceration and criminal consequences, in many cases. Successful completion of the treatment can help you avoid the most serious penalties associated with narcotic drug possession, including potentially lengthy jail sentences for felony charges.

Anyone facing possession charges involving narcotic painkillers including opioids and opiates should explore all of their options for reducing the consequences they face, from plea bargains and drug court to a robust defense.