Preparing your child for adulthood while co-parenting

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Parents have a lot of work to do to get children ready for adulthood. Part of this involves slowly giving them new freedoms, but this can be rather challenging when you have a co-parenting situation. It is up to you and your coparent to determine how you’re going to handle these situations. Ideally, you can work as a team to come up with the plan for slowly adding new freedom and responsibilities for your children.

One of the most important things to remember is that your children need to be able to learn how to be responsible. You and their other parent are going to be the teachers that they have to count on to learn different things. Be willing to help them, but don’t forget that some children learn from making mistakes.

Coming up with terms

You and your ex will have to come up with some guidelines for the children. In order to do this, you’ll need to use your knowledge of the children. Not all kids are ready for the same responsibilities at the same age. You may have a child who isn’t ready to stay home alone until they’re 15, but another might show that they can handle it at 13.

The same concepts apply to other life lessons. You and your ex need to work together to determine when a child is ready for their own phone or to be able to use the stove. Teaching them the concepts they’ll need for these can help them immensely.

Adding flexibility

As the children get older, their needs might change. For example, a parenting time schedule that’s worked for a while might suddenly be impossible. You may consider letting the children have some flexibility once they are able to come up with their own schedule. This might help them to learn time management better, but it also gives them some measure of control over their life.

It’s hard for some parents to begin to give up control over their children. This issue could cause a rift between you and your coparent. Remember that mutually respectful communication can help out greatly in these cases. There may come a time when you have to set the rules for your home while your ex sets the ones for their home. Children, especially once they’re a bit older, can usually adjust to these differences with relative ease. Just remember to always comply with the parenting plan terms so you don’t face legal consequences.